Scott, thank you! The shelves and work bench are perfect. The windows look great and the steps look fabulous. I primed and painted the railings and posts on Sunday and Monday. Thanks for your excellent work on my old house. My neighbors are jealous. There have been many slow drive-bys. Thank you, Scott. Your work is fantastic.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Scott T. Reuter of STR Construction Inc. My husband and I had a home remodel project we were looking for someone to do for us. We made a few phone calls, and chose to give STR Construction a try. One of the reasons we chose STR and Scott Reuter was because he returned our call promptly. he then made arrangements to meet with us and discuss the project to sheet-rock our 4-car garage. Within a week he had mailed us the bid and a contract for the project. We found the finished project met and exceeded our expectations. he made sure the area was clean when he finished. Since then we have contracted with him to do other projects for our rental property. He showed the same work ethics each time. We look forward to working with STR Construction, Inc. and Scott Reuter in the future.

When he asked me to write this letter, so he might have an opportunity to continue his construction education, I was more than happy. As a consumer of this kind of service I rely on his knowledge and skills. It is important to me to know that my contractor is up to date on the codes and other things that may have changed in today’s construction/remodeling world.
Sincerely, Rhonda Davison – Vice President Falls Apartments Inc.

I have been working with STR Construction, Inc. off and on for the past 4 years. STR Construction, Inc. has always held high standards of quality, more often than not, much higher than the homeowner’s standards. This in turn creates very high customer satisfaction. Scott has a different vision on the whole remodeling sector of residential construction. he has always had the attitude that if a particular project costs less than expected, he will reimburse the customer the difference. I think that is very commendable. Scott also spends a lot of time and money educating himself on new trends and procedures in the remodeling industry. It is because of these and many more attributes that makes STR Construction, Inc. one of the top remodeler’s in the area.
Sincerely, Jeremy Raverty – Rolling Plains Builders, Inc.

Scott Reuter is known to me as a business person in the construction field. i have known Scott for several years and trust him to be of good character. He is active in the community and Builders Association. He has done contract jobs for me and I recommend him to clients of mine. His bid has always been prompt and fair. He provides valuable insight as the project is discussed. His work has always been completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client. The project is always completed with the highest of craftsmanship. I have been very pleased with his work and attitude.
Sincerely, Roger Karshbaum – Roger Karshbaum & Associates

I have known Scott for 16 years and have utilized his remodeling skills and talents for personal as well as client projects. I have found him to be punctual, precise, and honest in his bidding, his work, and his billings, as have clients to which I’ve referred him.

Scott is personable and truly understands that a customer deserves to be treated fairly and squarely. His business ethics are impeccable and he conducts himself with appropriate decorum.

I would not hesitate to refer Scott to anyone having a remodeling need, regardless of the size of the project, and would gladly answer any questions concerning this letter of reference.
David Brassfield – Associate Broker, Century 21

Scott Reuter of STR Construction built a garage for me in the fall of 2007. Prior to construction of the new garage, the old existing garage had to be torn down. he took care of everything for me. He obtained the building permit and talked to the city about restrictions. He handled the demolition of the existing building and prepared the site for the concrete slab. Even though he worked by himself most of the days, the new garage was finished before winter. I am very happy with the results. If I had a question, he always had time to meet with me or talk on the phone. His original estimate was fair and he stayed within that estimate to the end of the project, finishing everything.

I would definitely call Scott again for any building project that I have.
Judy Burnley

I am delighted to have an opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for Scott Reuter, owner of STR Construction River Falls, WI.

Scott has been my contractor, mentor and guide in the ongoing process of rehabilitating and updating a small single­ family house in Hudson, Wisconsin since April 2007. I did not move into this house until September, indeed, was living almost five hundred miles away, so in addition to his own projects for me, he also acted on my behalf as overseer and manager of several major projects including pouring new sidewalks and porches, reinforcing the foundation, installing a new roof for the house and the garage, updating electrical work, installing new furnace and A/C, constructing an enormous amount of shelving throughout the house, overseeing floor refinishing, plumbing, and painting to name only a few of the varied jobs and services required. I was able to rely on him to deal with Suppliers in my absence and count on him to be my representative in virtually all aspects of making a house over.

The long-distance arrangement proved to be just about perfect. He was careful of my resources, made excellent suggestions for correcting the inevitable problems that arose with a house built in the 1940’s, was imaginative and intuitive in his dealings with me. he ran a wonderfully tight ship on my behalf and projects were completed within budget and on time.

Now that I am in residence here, I have-found that in addition to all the positive qualities that were revealed earlier, Scott is a man of meticulous work habits, that he is careful and tidy and all those things that a fussy homeowner could hope for. I have enjoyed working with him and look forward to a long-term association. Work in, on and around an older house really is never done and I know I can count on him in the future to offer able assistance or make excellent recommendations based on his knowledge of my house and his colleagues in various specialized building trades in this area.

Did I mention that he’s funny and pleasant to have around? Well, he is.
Lucie M. Singh, Hudson, Wisconsin

Scott, thanks for everything. Lots of positive comments and it turned out nice. It was so exciting to see the change unfold week to week. I hope you’ve enjoyed this because I’m having a lot of fun. You did a great job and I appreciate everything you’ve done. The place looks amazing.