Creating Decks and Pergolas To Last

Serving St. Croix County and Eastern Minnesota

Since 2002, STR Construction has designed and created beautiful and functional decks and pergolas in every price point for our local customers. Let us worry about location, home access, materials, permits, drainage, sun access, and other issues. Despite any design concessions made for a budget, there are always other materials and ideas so that we can incorporate your favorite points to build the perfect deck or patio for your family, so budget is usually not a deal-breaker when it comes to getting exactly what you want or need.

Building a new deck may have a lot involved, but we make it a simple process for you. Once discovering what the biggest needs are, we can get down to the business of customizing an outdoor retreat that will astonish family and friends. STR Construction will thoughtfully and intricately build a deck that fits your home beautifully. We will take in account the style of your home in order to achieve the perfect design, even adding specialized lighting of your choice to ensure that your deck or patio withstands the years with your family and is the first place everyone in your home will want to visit.

STR Construction can bring to reality any design you can dream up and can help you wade through all the choices for outdoor spaces that are at your disposal. Building a pergola can bring a certain sophistication and flair to your home, whether it’s added to the front or back of the house. The sky is the limit on the many different variations and styles to choose from. We can add special lighting on your new porch or pergola so that the perfect setting is achieved. Another option is to enclose your pergola so you can enjoy all the sun and warmth of the day without suffering through the elements. There are several different high-quality materials to use in building your pergola or porch and we can help determine which choice is the best to use depending on your location, use, and appearance. From the very basic of porches and pergolas to the most elegant and stylish, STR Construction will assist you in making your outdoor space inviting and relaxing for as long as you live in your home.

If you are ready to get an outdoor space that your friends will envy, call STR Construction today at 715-821-0553 for a free consultation!