Attached & Detached Garage Construction

If you need a new garage or shed, call STR Construction. We have specialized in building residential garages for the past 16+ years and we have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure you get the highest quality materials and superior service. Our team is licensed and insured to protect your home and investment. We will give you a detailed estimate of our work for your project and then work diligently to ensure we are done within our agreed upon time-frame.

Lot space, home age and appearance, and other considerations can determine which type of garage is best for you, attached or detached. We can help you discover the best solution! Your new structure can include things like built-in storage space, organizational tools, and even a livable space in the area over the garage. Not only will your new garage be a beautiful new building on your property; it will provide you with a tremendous return on your investment for years to come.

Depending on your individual needs, constructing an attached garage may be a great solution. If your home’s style can creatively accommodate building an attached garage, then it may the best plan for those homes that lack extended exterior space. If your main garage goal is to have an oasis away from inclement weather while getting to and from your vehicles, then an attached garage is definitely the way to go. Also, building an attached garage can be somewhat cheaper, as it is more like a home renovation project. An advantage of an attached garage can also be that it takes less room to build and provides more yard space in the end. STR Construction can cost-effectively build your attached garage in a way that will fluidly connect to your home and maintain comparable aesthetics.

If you have ample outside space then you can reasonably consider building a detached garage. For those individuals who wish to build a living area over their garage, repair vehicles, or use the space for storage, then a detached garage would be a great option! A detached garage offers privacy and space. Also, working in the space won’t cause unnecessary disruptions to the people inside the home. Building a detached garage can be more expensive than the alternative, however, is an excellent choice in order to choose all your amenities and space from the beginning. Although it does take up more exterior space to build a detached garage, the rewards offered from the finished product are endless.

Call STR Construction 715-821-2553 for a free and detailed consultation on your new attached or detached garage!